High production rate baking oven for all varieties of flour tortilla.
Tortilla / Chips Fryers
Complete Fryer Line
Dough Mixers
Spiral Mixer
Sheeter Head
Easy to operate sheeter for small to large tortilla production.
Tortilla Press
Flour Tortilla , Pitas, Wraps, Chapati, Moshu and more...
In-store lines to fully automated for high volume production lines.
Combo Line
By combining, in a very small space, a std. 6 sheeter, a double oven and a cooler has to offer the most cost-efficient way to make your own corn tortillas or chips in a small store.
Corn Washer
Corn Washer Low Boy
Seasoner / Salter
A very compact, efficient way to add seasoning and salt to all varieties of tortilla chips, corn chips or fried pig skins, continuously in a large quantity.
The most rugged, efficient and versatile masacizer / extruder for the ground fresh corn or ready mix corn flour.
Cooking Tank
Heavy duty steel frame, enamel coated with stainless steel body.
Masa Feeders
Corn Grinder
For all your fresh corn grinding needs. From 15 to 75 HP.
Tortilla Chopper
Manual Tortilla Chopper
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- Ovens

- Fryers

- Mixers

- ​Conveyors

​- Sheeter Head

​- Flour Tortilla Press

- Combo Line

​- Corn Washers

- Corn Grinder

​- Seasoner Tumbler

- Tortilla Chopper

- Masacizer

​- Cooking Tanks

- Rounders / Dividers

- Proofers

- Tortilla Stackers

​- Tortilla Counter


​and more...

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