Tortilla Oven

A high production oven which brakes and dries corn tortilla chips. The built in state-of-the-art engineering features assure you a most dependable and economical performance under continuous and heavy operation.



  • Due to our proven blower-to-burner Proportional Mix Combustion System, the highest possible combustion efficiency can be achieved.

  • Heat level is continuously monitored and adjusted to maintain consistent, dependable oven temperature by an automatic temperature controller. optional infra-red temperature controller fine-tunes for maximum precision.

  • Tu assure extended belt life, adjustable balancing spring tensinoning system on the baking belt maintains effective tracking tension at all times.

  • Proper tracking of baking belt is further secured by self-adjusting roller guides.

  • Extra thick stainless steel insulated doors prevent the loss of heat from oven while at the same time saving energy and avoiding heat distribution into working areas.

  • Extra energy will be saved and comfort will result from our totally insulated double-walled oven hood.

  • For easy inspection and cleaning, the hood of the oven includes a side-drive lift system.

  • All prime heavy-duty commercial steel frame construction for exceptional durability.ability.

  • Easily accesible combustion controls built for exceptional durability.

  • An isolation chamber protects bearings from combustion heat, extending their durability and reducing the need for repairs and replacements.

  • Standards safety features such as: ultra-violet flame sensor, magnetic valves, auto-pilot ignition.