AC Variable Speed Drives (Inverters)

PowerFlex® AC and DC Drives are designed for flexibility, productivity, and ease of use. Our motor control solutions handle both low voltage and medium voltage applications, with a wide range of power ratings. With a broad selection of hardware, software, safety, and packaging options, there is a PowerFlex drive to meet the demands of most applications. A variety of motors designed for optimum variable speed performance and service life round out this offering.

Drives, AC Low Voltage

The PowerFlex® family of AC drives offers a broad range of control modes, features, options, and packaging, as well as global voltages and many power ratings. With a consistent programming structure and common operator interface, PowerFlex drives ease programming and configuration, and they reduce set-up time, training, and operation. PowerFlex Compact Class AC drives deliver a cost-effective, general-purpose solution for standalone machine level control applications and simple system integration. PowerFlex Architecture Class AC drives provide a broad set of features and application-specific parameters, and they are ideal for high-performance applications.

Drives, AC Medium Voltage

PowerFlex® 7000 Medium Voltage Drives enable soft-starting and variable-speed control of processes with high power demands. They help reduce energy costs, component count, maintenance and motor wear.

Drives, DC

PowerFlex® drives are motor control solutions that efficiently handle applications from low to medium voltage and from simple to highly demanding. These drives feature hardware, software and safety options. We also have industrial motors for optimum variable speed performance and service life.

Servo Drives

Our servo drive portfolio includes a wide variety of products that offer the right size and feature set to handle a broad range of applications. From single axis component drives to multi-axis modular drives, we offer solutions designed to help you simplify machine design while improving system performance. Our Integrated Motion drives fit seamlessly into the Logix platform for easy use and plug-and-play configurability. Network options and a choice of safety features are available.

  • PowerFlex 755T

  • PowerFlex 755TL

  • PowerFlex 755TR

  • PowerFlex 755TM

  • PowerFlex 753

  • PowerFlex 755

  • PowerFlex 755T

  • PowerFlex 70

  • PowerFlex 700S

  • PowerFlex 700

  • PowerFlex 700L

  • Common Bus Power Supplies

  • PowerFlex 523

  • PowerFlex 525

  • PowerFlex 527

  • PowerFlex 4M

  • PowerFlex 4

  • PowerFlex 40

  • PowerFlex 40P

  • PowerFlex 400

Our PowerFlex® 6000 Medium Voltage AC Drives allow for flexibility in a variety of applications. They are suited for new and retrofit, variable torque, and constant torque applications. Some of these applications include fans, pumps and compressors that require variable speed motor control from 2.3...11 kV. These drives are available in multiple configurations based on motor voltage and regional requirements.

Our PowerFlex® 7000 Medium Voltage AC Drives are air-cooled or liquid-cooled drives available in a broad power range of 200…34000 Hp and supply voltages of 2400…6600V AC. These general purpose, stand-alone drives control speed, torque, direction, starting, and stopping of standard asynchronous or synchronous AC motors.

Our PowerFlex® 7000 Drive System with ArcShield™ technology is the first arc resistant medium voltage drive with full regeneration capabilities. The arc resistant system is certified to meet the most comprehensive set of global arc resistant standards. This system provides an arc fault rating up to 50 kA and meets Type 2B accessibility protection standards.

Our PowerFlex® DC Digital Drive is designed for the most demanding stand-alone and coordinated drive control and drive system applications. This drive combines powerful performance with flexible control to produce a highly functional, cost-effective drive and control solution.


  • Power Ratings

    • 200…240V: 1.2…224 kW / 1.5…300 Hp / 7…1050 A

    • 380…480V: 1.5…671 kW / 2…900 Hp / 4.1…1494 A

    • 500…600V: 37…932 kW / 50…1250 Hp / 67.5…1688 A

    • 690V: 298…1044 kW / 400…1400 Hp / 452…1582 A

  • Both regenerative and non-regenerative configurations

  • Open type enclosure, armature converter

  • Regulated field converter

  • Advanced regulator with integrated DPI™ functionality, DC tachometer and encoder capability

  • Noise and voltage suppression for noise-sensitive environments

  • Flexible feedback and communication options

  • Extensive I/O—up to 12 digital inputs and outputs, 3 analog inputs and 4 analog outputs

  • Optimized global voltage settings designed to worldwide standards

  • Flash upgradeable

  • Configuration and programming via integral LCD keypad, or software

  • Premier Integration with PowerFlex® AC drives uses the Logix control platform to simplify parameter and tag programming and reduces development time  

Our Kinetix® 5500, 5700, 6500, and 350 Servo Drives connect to and operate with Logix controllers, supporting Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP™. These drives combine high-performance integrated motion with an open EtherNet/IP network. They can be part of a solution using EtherNet/IP to integrate high-performance servo and AC drives, I/O, smart actuators, and any other EtherNet/IP-connected device.

  • Kinetix 350 Single-axis EtherNet/IP

  • Kinetix 5500 EtherNet/IP

  • Kinetix 5700 EtherNet/IP Servo Drives

  • Kinetix 6500 EtherNet/IP

Our Bulletin 2198 Encoder Output Modules synchronize devices to your integrated motion on EtherNet/IP system. It can sync to any axis of motion, real or virtual, and is ideal for use with Kinetix® and PowerFlex® drives.

Our Kinetix® EtherNet/IP™ Indexing and Component Servo Drives let you standardize on a single communication network for easier commissioning, configuration, and startup. Integrate your entire control solution over EtherNet/IP-including HMI, controllers, I/O and motion-while maintaining reliable, high-speed connectivity. Kinetix® 3 Component Servo Drives apply the appropriate level of control to a low-power application without the complexity of traditional servo solutions.

  • Kinetix 3 Single-Axis Component

  • Kinetix 300 EtherNet/IP Indexing

Our Kinetix® 6000 and 6200 SERCOS Integrated Motion Multi-axis Servo Drives help improve system performance while saving time and money. Kinetix 2000 Servo Drives extend the benefits of Kinetix integrated motion to low-power motion control applications, Kinetix 7000 servo drives support motion applications with the highest power requirements. The Kinetix 6000M integrated drive-motor systems combine the high-performance MP-Series™ food-grade servo motor and Kinetix 6000 servo drive into a single package.

  • Kinetix 2000 Low-Power Multi-axis

  • Kinetix 6000 Multi-axis

  • Kinetix 6000M Integrated Drive-motor Systems

  • Kinetix 6200 Safe-speed Modular

  • Kinetix 7000 High-power

Bulletin 2098 Ultra™ 3000 Digital Servo Drives support simple standalone indexing as well as multi-axis integrated motion. All power sizes are available with indexing, SERCOS interface and DeviceNet™ networking options. Integrate this drive with the ControlLogix™ or SoftLogix™ platform via SERCOS interface for integrated motion.

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